Guinness Book of Records here we come!  Subject to confirmation, we will shortly have the name of a Rolls-Royce Harrier in that august publication!

In order to raise money for the Rainbows Children’s Hospice, Jon Kinder decided to make an attempt on the world record for a 12 hour run on a treadmill.  The treadmill was set up in the Cornmarket, Derby, on Saturday 27th February, with the generous support of the adjacent Book Café, and Jon ran continuously (with the exception of hourly comfort breaks) from 8.20am to 8.20pm.  Curious passers-by were encouraged to contribute to the Rainbows collection buckets, and quite a crowd gathered as the clock ticked towards 8.20pm, culminating in a huge round of applause as the old record was passed with just under ten minutes to go!  Playing to the crowd, and belying his shy and retiring nature, Jon increased the pace for a sprint finish.  The old record stood at 131.35km, and unofficially (see the small print below), Jon’s new record is 132.90km.

2015/2016 Harriers Champions!!

Congratulations to Chris Clarke for a runaway victory as overall club champion, and to the following category winners:
Men's champion Robin Carter
Ladies' champion Lindsay Cuthbertson
Over 40 men's champion Andy Dodsley
Over 50 men's champion Russell Parkin
Over 60 men's champion Andy Ward
Over 35 ladies' champion Karolina Kucharek
Over 45 ladies champion Gillian Whiteside

Top left:  as the halfway point approaches (62km completed), Jon receives encouragement from timekeeper Steve Leach and witness Keith Covell.  Top Right:  job done!  Jon has just enough energy to crack a smile and a can of lager (but shouldn’t that be Guinness?).

​All of this is subject to calibration of the equipment, according to the records kept by Jon’s official witnesses, timekeepers and recorders, submission of the records to and ratification by the Guinness officials.  As Jon commented a couple of days later, preparing the paperwork and evidence is a marathon in itself!  However, from observations on the day, we believe the treadmill was understating the distance, and we hope that the official record will be higher.

At the last count, £2876 had been raised for the Rainbows Hospice.

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