RR Harriers male club captain James Ward has arranged the following events for club members to participate in during the Corona Virus pandemic. 

I’ve put together a schedule for a series of virtual club races and fun events. Following on from the success of the
Virtual National Relay Championships that the club entered (
click to see the results here), we felt it would be a great idea to organise a number of our own events to maintain the momentum, positivity and club spirit. We received some fantastic ideas and I’ve incorporated these into the schedule below. (Thanks to Karolina, Andy Norman, Kev Sutcliffe, Richard Kerry, Ian Lambert for their suggestions).

Please feel free to enter as many events as you want, the more the merrier. Would be great the see everyone having a go. The guys that did the virtual relay found it good fun and motivating. And as an aside, you will be fit by the time lockdown ends in readiness for some ‘real’ races 😊. 

W/C Mon 20th April; Running Selfie week -  subject, a Run with a View

We’ve got some super scenery around where we all live so let the other Harriers see it! Simply take a selfie whilst out on a run with an interesting view in the background. Use your imagination; could be hills, deserted roads, trees in blossom etc. Post the selfie to our RR Harriers WhatsApp group with your name and description of photo. I will get an independent panel to judge and award a virtual prize for the winner. If you aren’t on the WhatsApp group we can add you – ask Karolina or Gill. 


The selfie to be taken between 00:00 Mon 20th April and 23:59 Sat 25th April. Leaves Sunday 26th April for judging!

The run must have started from your doorstep! No driving to Llanberis to get a picture of Snowdon in the background!

See the final photos of Run with a View here.  

W/C Mon 27th April; Virtual Park Run week

Park Run’s are currently not happening at the moment, so lets do our own 😊. Go out and run 5km as hard or easy as you like, and email me your time. I’ll work out finishing position using an online age grading calculator. Obviously the harder you run, the better your grading will be.


The run to be done between 00:00 Mon 27th April and 23:59 Sat 02nd May.

Use whatever device you like to measure your run; Strava, Garmin Connect, Nike Run club.

See the results here.

W/C Mon 4th May; How far can you run in…….1 hour!

One for the tough guys! And you can thank Karolina for this idea (although I extended the time to 1 hour 😊). We want to see how far you can run in a hour. So set your watch, set your GPS, and go out and see what you can do! Email me your results.

The run to be done between 00:00 Mon 4th May and 23:59 Sat 9th May

See the results here.

W/C Mon 11th May; Running Selfie week -  subject, The first Pub you’re going to have a pint in post Lockdown!

Oh how nice would a post run pint sat in a beer garden be!! So the idea of this challenge is to take a selfie of yourself out on a run, outside the first pub you’ll be sprinting towards when the doors open again! Virtual prize for the best photo, judged by an independent panel.

Rules: The run to be done between 00:00 Mon 11th May and 23:59 Sat 16th May. The run must have started from your doorstep.

See the results and photos here.

W/C Mon 18th May; How far can you run in ….10mins!

One for the speed merchants! Lets get your lungs burning, go for a blast, and see how far you can run in 10 minutes. Email me your results……when you’ve got your breath back and the lactic has died down 😊. (You may raise your eyebrows, but a good flat out run does generate a really good feeling…..honest!)

Rules: The run to be done between 00:00 Mon 18th May and 23:59 Sat 23rd May

See the results here.

W/C Mon 25th May; RR Harriers sealed 4mile Handicap

This is the biggie! Lets have a good turnout for this one. The sealed handicap means that the handicaps aren’t published until after the event. So you go out for a hard 4 mile run, email Bill and I your time, and the handicap will be applied in order to produce the results. The handicaps will be revealed at the same time that the results are published.

I promise to donate a real prize to the winner of this event.


The run to be done between 00:00 Mon 25th May and 23:59 Sat 30th May

We’ll have a break after those 6 events whilst we collate the ideas for the next series of events. Any suggestions please let me know.
I’ll limit emails to just one email at the start of each week, with a reminder of the weeks event, and the results of the previous weeks event. 

Please follow government and England Athletics guidelines on your runs.

And above all, HAVE FUN 😊.


James Ward - Rolls-Royce Harriers Mens Captain


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2020 Virtual Events during the Corona Virus Pandemic