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Rolls-Royce Harriers Handicap Race, 2017-2018

To enter in this years handicap race, fill in the attached form (click here) and send it off to Bill Southgate,

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What is the Handicap Race......?

The Handicap Race marks the start of the Harriers season.  It's a (circa) 4 mile cross country race, which is situated on predominantly open fields, with the terrain being not too challenging.

The whole purpose of the race is to try and beat the handicapper!  Prior to the event you submit a recent runtime to the handicapper, who places all of the runners in order of slowest to fastest (slowest starts first, followed by progressively faster and faster runners).  The handicap is another very popular race, with the idea being that everybody crosses the line at the same time.

​2016 Broome Cup Course (4 Laps)...