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The Handicap Race marks the start of the Harriers championship season. It is a circa 4 mile cross country race run over four laps around the periphery of the Moorways complex off Moor Lane, the same course as used for the Broome Cup. The terrain is mostly grass with a few small climbs and descents on the banking surrounding the running track with a short section through woodland. Prior to the event you should submit a recent race time (typically a race over 3 to 6 miles) to the handicapper (Bill Southgate), who then places all of the runners in a starting order of slowest to fastest (slowest starts first, followed by progressively faster and faster runners). If you don't have a recent time don't worry, the handicapper will still award you a suitable starting time. The handicap is another very popular race, the idea being that everybody crosses the finishing line at the same time or close together.

​To enter in this years handicap race please email Bill Southgate at with details of any recently completed races (event, date, distance, your time) or, if you don't have a suitable time, just let Bill know you wish to enter. 

The closing date for entries is Monday 9th September.

Registration is at Moorways Stadium from 5pm – no charge for Harriers members.​

​Handicap Course (4 Laps) - same course as the Broome Cup.

Rolls-Royce Harriers Handicap Race

This year (2022) the race will be held on Wednesday 28th September at Markeaton Park, Derby rather than its usual venue at Moorways. Details to follow.

This is YOUR chance to ‘beat the handicapper!’