Running Club

The Committee is comprised of both working and retired members. To contact working committee members please use the RR telephone / email directory to find contact details.

James Ward

Gillian Whiteside (retired)

Robin Carter

Karolina Kucharek

​Jon Leek (retired)

Bill Southgate (retired)

Rob Goulds

Chris Hunt

Steve Wakefield (retired)

Ian Page (retired)

​Bob Bond (retired)

You can also contact us on Facebook via Rollsroyceharriers, or on Twitter via  @therrharriers

Committee Members

Primary contacts

​​Club Run:-                      James Ward

Membership Enquiries:- Bill Southgate

General Enquiries:-        Gillian Whiteside

You can visit our dedicated Club Captain page, to find out more about our captains.

Club Captain - Male:   James Ward

Club Captain - Female: currently vacant

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