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Chellaston Half Marathon 1985-1993

Some additional historical results from local races are listed below. These races were popular with RR Harriers members at the time with large club turnouts in some races.

Rolls-Royce running champion

Rolls-Royce Harriers Results

The Rolls-Royce Harriers, has a season which runs from September to September each year (the start of the season is typically marked by the Harriers Handicap race).  Everybody within the club is encouraged to compete at the various Harriers events throughout the year, with friendly help and advice given to anybody competing in various other non-Harrier events, should they need it. 

For each distance you compete at throughout the season, you are awarded points based on your age and sex (you only get points for the fastest time at each distance). At the end of the season, the champion is the one with most points; there are separate categories for the leading lady and most vigorous vet, plus various age categories! The club statistician (Bill Southgate) picks up results for most local races, but if you run in a race further afield, please send your results to him. with all of your points culminating at the end of the season.  So, do you think you could be the next winner of the Rolls-Royce Harriers championship?

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