Running Club

​A RR Harriers team previously completed half the coastal path around the island of Anglesey back in 2012 as the first section of our Traverse of Wales. This time a team of 10 returned, featuring some of the original members from the 2012 epic, to complete a full circuit of the island, a distance of 139 miles over 4 days with overnight stops.

The route was completed in a total time of 27 hours 39 minutes (including the stop time at checkpoints to refuel) which works out at an average pace of 5 m.p.h. Jon Kinder, Bryan Carr and Todd Coxhead ran the entire route with other team members running legs with them or supporting them in the team minibus. 

The team were: Jon Kinder, Todd Coxhead, Bryan Carr, Mark Fowell, Alan Eccleson, Allan Pollock, Rob Turner, Yvonne Turner, Kate Giles, Keith Covell.

The schedule, actual times and distances run can be accessed here.

Some of the team with the famous South Stack Lighthouse in the background.

Rolls-Royce Harriers Running Club

Circuit of Anglesey - September 2021