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Cotswold Way January 2020

The Cotswold Way is a National Trail covering just over 100 miles from Chipping Campden to Bath. The route follows the Cotswold escarpment through picturesque villages and past famous ancient sites. 

The route had been successfully completed before back in 2008 when Jon Kinder ran the entire route non-stop in 24 hours 49 minutes in very poor weather weather conditions with a small support team of other runners and drivers. 

This time a much larger team of 11 runners took on the route at the end of January 2020 just before the world learnt of Covid. Rather than a non-stop approach the route was run over 3 days with overnight stops, a much more sociable way of doing things. Four runners completed the entire route, a RRH record for an epic, in a total time of 22:25 (20:51 running time).

The team were: Jon Kinder, Matt Tomlinson, Todd Coxhead, Bryan Carr, Mark Fowell, Mark Rogerson, James Ward, Ian Page, Alan Eccleson, Rob Turner, Yvonne Turner.

The schedule, actual times and distances run can be accessed here.