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Glyndwr's Way - 4/6 October 2019

Supposedly named after the self-proclaimed ‘Prince Owain Glyndwr’ and his wanderings through mid-Wales in the 15th century, the Glyndwr’s Way is a 135 mile (217 Km) long National Trail. Starting at Knighton on the English border, the route follows a rough horseshoe shaped loop through rolling farmland, open moorland, woodland and forest as far west as Machynlleth before heading east to finish at Welshpool. 

Seven people in all took part in the challenge which was planned to take place over three days. Having completed the 48 miles on the Friday as planned, the team then discovered that the area they were due to run across on the Saturday was hosting the World Rally Championships. Taking the advice of locals who warned them of road closures, traffic jams and general mayhem a Plan B was hastily assembled. This was to do the second half of day two and the first half of day three on the Saturday, then in order to minimise travel time, the first half of day two (the area affected by the rally) was done on the Sunday but in reverse. Unfortunately all of the additional logistical challenges, the boggy and hilly nature of the terrain and time pressures to return home forced the team to miss out the last 3 legs (18 miles) to Welshpool. Despite this a great time was had by all. 

The team were Todd Coxhead, Bryan Carr, Matt Tomlinson, Mark Fowell, Mark Rogerson, Jon Kinder and Andy Swift.