​The team: Amanda Carter, Robin Carter, Andy Swift, Jon Kinder, Julie Smith, Bill Southgate, Steve Leach.

The autumn epic was a 101 mile run along the South Downs Way, a National Trail which runs from Winchester to Eastbourne. With a truly awful weather forecast for the weekend, the team set off with some trepidation from King Alfred’s statue in Winchester at 9.15pm on a Friday evening with the aim of arriving in Eastbourne within 24 hours. All was going well until In the middle of the night Jon Kinder and Bill Southgate got lost in some dense woodland. Eventually they found their way to the waiting minibus although an hour had been lost to the schedule. However, after a wet and windy night, the day broke fine, and glorious weather accompanied us to a magnificent sunset over the Seven Sisters and an arrival at Eastbourne in 23 hours and 5 minutes. Jon Kinder ran the full distance, with the rest of the team running varying mileages between 11 and 65. 

Running Club

Rolls-Royce Harriers Running Club

South Downs Way 11-12 October 2013

101 miles in 23 hours 5 minutes